Vice Chancellor's Award for Service Excellence

Vice Chancellors Award

The Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Service Excellence demonstrate the value that professional staff brings to the LUMS community. Each award recognises the outstanding contributions of individual staff members beyond what is normally expected for their position. 

The Award is co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor and the Human Resources Department (HRD). Up to six awards may be given each academic year to nominees who have demonstrated sustained, exceptional service that has impacted the LUMS community.

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  • Full-time or part-time employees who have served a minimum duration of three years in their current position. These include administrative functions and staff roles supporting academic functions. 
  • Senior leadership is not eligible (Directors, Registrar, etc.); nor are RAs/TAs, interns and contractual workers. 
  • The individual should not have any record of disciplinary, performance or behaviour issues during the period under review.

Recipients of the Award

  • Will be presented a citation of excellence and a memento at the ceremony 
  • Will receive a cash award of PKR 100,000 
  • Will receive an invitation to a group lunch with the Vice Chancellor along with their nominators

Nomination Criteria

Nominations recognize those staff members who have rendered excellent service to LUMS during the year under review, who strive to go above and beyond the call of duty in a special situation, and/or have contributed in a significant way to the success of the university or demonstrate values and behaviours that are important to the University. Anyone can make a nomination, providing that they fulfil the required criteria. Self-nominations will not be considered.

The Selection Committee for the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Service Excellence will be administered and supported through the Office of the Vice Chancellor and HRD. The Committee will comprise of the Vice Chancellor (Chair), HR Director, a rotating HOD from administrative functions, a rotating Dean, two rotating faculty members and a representative of the LUMS Student Council.

Nomination Process

Step One: Nomination Submission

Submit your nomination online at the provided link, filling out the following information: 

  1. Nominator’s details 
  2. Nominee’s details (searchable on the LUMS phone list) 
  3. Rationale of why they should be nominated detailing the following: 

    i. The individual's or team’s recent work history at LUMS. Be sure to include information about their current role (job title and duties), how long they have worked at LUMS, promotions, or other positions they may have held (if applicable) and 

    ii. Your supporting statement of why they should be nominated. Please explain the unique qualities of the individual, or why they should receive a VC Award for Service Excellence. Explain with specific examples, how the individual has gone above and beyond their role. Refer to their job performance, abilities and skills or behaviours, and values important to LUMS. (You may choose to highlight their exceptional leadership, contribution in the form of reputational enhancement, innovation or increased value or increased efficiency and effectiveness leading to improved service.)


Step Two: Human Resources Review 

The Human Resources team will receive and review the information for completion and confirmation that a nominee is not involved in any disciplinary cases. Reviewed nominations will be submitted to the committee members ahead of the Selection Committee’s Review Meeting.


Step Three: Selection Committee Review 

The Selection Committee will meet to select up to six employees for the Service Excellence Awards. Each nominee will be ranked according to the award criteria by the Review Committee, using a scale of :


4-Very Good

3- Good




Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is eligible to be nominated? 

Full-time and part-time employees meeting the required criteria are eligible to be nominated. 


Q. How can I nominate myself? 

You cannot nominate yourself. If you feel that you have made an extraordinary contribution this year that meets any of the excellence criteria, you may consider requesting a colleague, a line manager, or another LUMS employee to nominate you.


Q. Can I nominate more than one person?

You can submit more than one nomination; however, you will be required to fill in a separate online nomination form for each nominee. 


Q. Are teams eligible for an award? 

Individual nominations are preferred rather than a group. However, you may submit a nomination for more than one individual or a team if you feel the case is strong. 


Q. Can I get the award if I am on probation? 

Only employees who have served a minimum of three years in their current role are eligible to apply. 


Q. Can I still be considered for an award this year if I received one last year? 

You must wait at least three years before becoming eligible for another award.