Vice Chancellor's Award for Service Excellence

Vice Chancellors Award

The Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Service Excellence demonstrates the value that professional staff bring to the LUMS community. Each award recognizes the outstanding contributions of individual staff members beyond that normally expected for their position. 

The Award is co-sponsored by the VC Office and the Human Resources Department. Up to 6 awards may be given each academic year to nominees who have demonstrated sustained, exceptional service that has impacted the LUMS community.

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  • Full-time or part-time professional employees who have served a minimum duration of one year in their current position. These include administrative functions and staff roles supporting academic functions.
  • Anyone can make a nomination, providing that they fulfill the required criteria. Self-nominations will not be considered.
  • The individual should not have any record of disciplinary, performance or behavior issues during the period under review.
  • Senior leadership are not eligible (Directors, Registrar, etc.)

Recipients of the Award

  • Presented a citation of excellence and memento at a ceremony
  • Receive PKR 100,000 cash award 
  • Receive an invitation to a group lunch with the VC and their nominators

Nomination Criteria

Recognize those staff employees who have rendered excellent service to LUMS during the year under review, who strive to go above and beyond the call of duty in a special situation, and/or have contributed in a significant way to the success of the university or demonstrate values and behaviors that are important to the University.

  1. An innovation or improvement in a process, practice, infrastructure, service, product, information management etc. with a significant impact for the University
  2. Exceptional service to internal or external stakeholders through individual efforts or initiatives taken to improve service delivery for an entire team/function
  3. Exceptional ethics or behaviors important to the University such as going above and beyond to demonstrate integrity, honesty, kindness, empathy, of inclusion or volunteer work
  4. Exemplary leadership by successfully leading a team or multiple teams through an extraordinary time or significantly improving a team or multiple’s team performance through exceptional people management skills
  5. A direct or indirect contribution to the community or the University which impacts the reputation of LUMS
  6. Substantial financial impact made through measurable efforts such as effective planning or process efficiency

Nomination Process

Step 1    Online form submitted to HR 

i.    Name of nominator (automatically picked up by form) 

ii.    Name of nominee (searchable on LUMS phone list) 

iii.    Why should your nominee receive the award? (text box) – up to a max 3 pages 

-    Indicator and examples of criteria (see page X) that constitute evidence

Step 2    HR to review them to ensure all information is complete and to verify that a nominee is not involved in any disciplinary cases.

Step 3    Compiled nominations will be submitted to the committee members at least two days ahead of the Review Committee Meeting.

Step 4    Arrangements for scheduling and note-taking of the final Committee Review meeting will be made by HR in liaison with the VC Office.

Step 5    Committee members will be individually responsible for reviewing all nominations before the Selection Committee meeting. Each nominee should be ranked according to the Award criteria (indicate where it will be provided…) and using the following scale: following scale: 

a. 5 = Outstanding 

b. 4 = Very Good 

c. 3 = Good

d. 2 = Fair 

e. 1 = Average

Step 6    The Committee will meet to select up to five employees for the Excellence Award. The approximate duration of the Review meeting will be 2-3 hours long; however, whether the whole time will be needed will depend on the number and quality of submissions and how quickly the committee comes to consensus

Step 7    The Committee will also discuss the process for announcing the winners (including notifying winners, selecting reward, posting on websites etc.) and any changes to the Award nomination and selection processes for the next year.

Step 8    The Committee will provide feedback for future nomination and evaluation processes for the Award which could include reviewing award criteria, submission formats and evaluation tools.

To submit your nomination, click here.