University Advisory Board

In January 2019, the University Advisory Board (UAB) came together for its first week-long meeting and met with the trustees and senior management at LUMS. Since then, the UAB has guided LUMS to forge new pathways in realising a vision that will serve generations for decades to come.

Ms. Leah Rosovsky
Chair, University Advisory Board
Dr. Philip Altbach
Founding Director, Boston College, USA
Dr. Nancy Adler
Emeritus Professor, McGill University
Dr. David Bloom
Professor, Harvard University
Dr. Khalid Aziz
Emeritus Professor, Stanford University
Dr. Greg Moran
Executive Director, Academics Without Borders
Dr. Mehmood Khan
CEO, Life Biosciences Inc., USA
Dr. Denise Chalmers
Emeritus Professor, University of Western Australia
Dr. David Wilkinson
Provost Emeritus & VP Academic, McMaster University
Dr. Maria Yudkevich
Head of the Center for Institutional Studies, HSE University
Dr. Nicolas Robinson
Professor, Pace University