University Advisory Board Comes Together for Third Annual Meeting


The University Advisory Board (UAB) is a guiding force for LUMS to forge new pathways in realising a vision that will serve generations for decades to come. The UAB came together and engaged with senior management at the University over the course of three days of virtual meetings from January 29 to February 1, 2021. The sessions covered a wide range of discussion points, including the current landscape at LUMS, as well as future directions and strategic priorities.

Members of the UAB, as well as senior leadership at LUMS, including Syed Babar Ali, Founding Pro Chancellor; Dr. Shahid Hussain, Rector; Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor; Dr. Farhat Haq, Provost; and Dr. Tariq Jadoon, Vice Provost, attended the meetings.

Ms. Leah Rosovsky, Chair of the Board, welcomed the attendees and appreciated the University’s administration and its tremendous progress, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. Dr. Ahmad provided an overview of the initiatives undertaken by LUMS over the past year, including a faculty retreat, and faculty training programmes. He also highlighted the efforts that have been made towards the community’s health and safety, and the gradual stress testing of the campus, which is now open to 2,500 students in line with the government’s directives.

The Board was also apprised of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence initiative that recognises teaching against rigorous criteria. Dr. Ahmad also shared the University’s commitment towards evidence-based pedagogy, and said, “It should reflect innovation to signal legitimate pathways for our faculty in achieving career progression. If we make judicious choices, it will help LUMS highlight itself in South Asia.”

During the meeting, the UAB also had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Haq, who shared updates about the Provost Office. “To me, what has made LUMS what it is, is the excellence of teaching,” she said. She further shared that work is underway to expand the framework to hire, mentor, and retain the best faculty throughout LUMS.

The University’s no-borders approach also served as a key theme throughout the sessions. “This thinking has evolved into a series of themes and structures, transcending boundaries - the identified research ideas aim to harness energies of these people to solve the problems of Pakistan and beyond,” noted Dr. Ahmad.

The Board shared their support for this philosophy. Dr. Philip Altbach, Founding Director Boston College Center for International Higher Education, USA, and member of the UAB, shared, “It seems to me that this approach is a very important and useful tool because it’s unique not only in the region, but globally.”

Over the course of three days, the attendees had the opportunity to participate in the interactive sessions and share their feedback, comments and suggestions. The discussions paved a path that will help guide the University to continue its trajectory in the upcoming years.

Members of the UAB include: Ms. Leah Rosovsky (Harvard Business School), Dr. Nancy J. Adler (McGill University), Dr. Philip Altbach (Babson College), Dr. Khalid Aziz (Stanford University), Dr. David Bloom (Harvard University), Prof. Denise Chalmers (University of Western Australia), Dr. Mehmood Khan (CEO, Life Biosciences Inc.), Dr. Greg Moran (Academics Without Borders, Canada), Dr. Maria Yudkevich (Higher School of Economics), Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson (Pace University) and Dr. David Wilkinson (McMaster University).

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