LUMS Vice Chancellor Speaks at THE University Impact Forum in Baku

LUMS Vice Chancellor Speaks at THE University Impact Forum in Baku

THE University Impact Forum held from September 27–28, 2022, in Baku, Azerbaijan, focused on how universities can be agents of change and their role in widening access to quality education. 

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad introduced the core philosophy at LUMS of ‘Learning Without Borders’. “It means bridging the gender divide, and socio-economic barriers to harness talent to amplify our efforts. ‘Learning Without Borders’ also means a singular focus on innovation that changes lives for a better world,” he shared.

The philosophy also works towards elevating several multi-disciplinary centres at LUMS that work to address the grand challenges facing Pakistan and beyond. “Our Centres have chosen 6 challenges that face Pakistan.

They include how our Centres can better manage issues related to energy and water, progressive policy frameworks, gender inequity, and using technology and entrepreneurship to make for a more resilient society.” 
He gave the example of the LUMS Energy Institute (LEI) which has designed Pakistan’s Electric Vehicle Policy. He added that LEI has also put forth recommendations for the power sector that have the federal government saving $1 billion each year for the next 10 years. 

Dr. Ahmad also shared details about the collaboration with the University of Baltistan, in Skardu which is creating an infinite impact. “150 of our students twinned with 150 students in Skardu and lived together for a month. A wealth of data is now feeding into research questions that has a direct impact on local communities,” he added

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