LUMS Vice Chancellor gives Keynote Address on Evolution of Education in Pakistan

LUMS Vice Chancellor Dr. Arshad Ahmad gave a keynote address on the 'Evolution of Education in Disruptive Times' at Hope-A-Thon on June 6, 2020. 

Hope-A-Thon is a premium online platform bringing together academic leaders from different universities in Pakistan to explore how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the educational landscape of the country. 

During his keynote, Dr. Arshad spoke about the necessity of empowering teachers, “Teachers have a very important role to play, and COVID-19 is reminding us that our role has changed. We need to inspire students, encourage them and mentor them, not dictate them. We need to change the fundamental instructional paradigm.”

He also explained the need to establish a stronger connection between education and learning. “There is structure in education; it ends at some point. However, there is no start date or end date for learning.” This is why, he explained, learning needs to come before teaching. “In Pakistan, we unfortunately have it backwards.” 

Dr. Arshad envisioned a Pakistan where education as a sector is given the most priority. “A naya Pakistan for me means the education sector comes before any other. We need to reallocate our budgets, pay our teachers more, respect them, and attract more people to join this sector.”

The keynote address can be viewed here.


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