LUMS Live Session with Nobel Laureate, Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai was part of a distinguished panel at the 30th session of LUMS Live, along with Dr. Maliha Khan, Chief Programmes Officer, Malala Fund; Syed Babar Ali, Founding Pro Chancellor, LUMS, and Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, LUMS. The lively session, moderated by Adeel Hashmi, focused on the universal struggle to make education accessible for all. 

A global advocate for education and women empowerment, Ms. Yousafzai is also Co-Founder of the Malala Fund, which advocates for 12 years of free education for all girls and currently works in eight countries around the world. However, she shared during the session that one of the aims close to her heart was to open a school in her hometown, Shangla. A dream that she was able to turn into reality in 2018, “This was just one step forward in the right direction. There is lots more to be done, and to this day, we strive to stay true to our cause."     

Ms. Yousafzai also had advice for the youth of Pakistan who she believes are the future of the country. “Do not let your age stop you from working towards the change you wish to see in the world."

Syed Babar Ali, Founding Pro Chancellor, LUMS, also shared his thoughts on Pakistan’s education system. He expressed that, “The onus is on the government to invest heavily [in education] because even the poorest citizen of our nation has realised the importance of education for a prosperous future."

Dr. Maliha Khan, Chief Programmes Officer, Malala Fund, is an international expert in programme design and performance, learning and accountability, with a focus on women and girls’ empowerment. She talked about Malala Fund and its initiatives, and particularly stressed on the need for giving women the choice in building their own destinies, “If we can all take the energy that we spend into defining the roles of women in our society and let them make their own decisions, the world can become a much better place."

Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, LUMS reiterated the same thread and shared how LUMS too believes in gender inclusivity and actively works towards reducing gender disparity. "We are one of the very few institutions in the world who offer a 50% scholarship for women. We have multiple offices that operate to ensure accessible education for every student at the University."

He also mentioned the National Outreach Programme, another LUMS initiative that strives to make education accessible to all. "We are extremely proud of making education accessible for aspiring students living in remote parts of our country. Our motto of diversity is what we value and cherish the most."

The session was broadcast live via the LUMS Facebook page and the panelists were put forth questions by the audience through the comment section. 

LUMS students also asked Ms. Yousafzai how she felt about being invited to deliver the Keynote address at the LUMS Convocation Ceremony 2020, to be held on July 25. "I am honoured,” she said. “LUMS has produced incredible thinkers and change-makers and will continue to do so. The vision we have for Pakistan is that it has a driving and progressive youth, and LUMS is part of that mission and playing its role.”

To listen to the complete session, please click here


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