Learning without Borders


LUMS champions to be a pioneer in setting education trends. Over the past three decades, the University has refined its teaching and learning pedagogy. It continues to forge ahead while offering its students new learning experiences. Today, the expanse of research and teaching at the University truly offers its community ‘Learning without Borders’ by breaking academic, geographic and socio-economic barriers to make education accessible to all.

Just as the University has expanded to five Schools, the education model at LUMS has also changed to enhance student’s academic exposure and diversify faculty’s teaching and research. A key feature of ‘Learning without Borders’ is the academic freedom to explore courses across multiple disciplines with selection of minors ranging from pure sciences, education, computational finance to history, psychology or literation during the 4-year undergraduate programme. On the other hand, faculty experiment with innovative instructional and learning techniques and seek to create impact through cross-discipline research at the strategic centres in areas of executive education, nanotechnology, big data/data analytics, water informatics, linguistics, economics and lifelong learning among others. 

LUMS continues to transcend geographical boundaries, by reaching out to schools in major cities and remote areas of Pakistan as well as creating liaisons for exchange programmes with international universities. With over 4,500 students hailing from across 136 cities, LUMS represents the real picture of the provincial diaspora as part of one community. This heterogeneous mix ensures a rich and insightful exchange among students from varied backgrounds and allows active peer learning inside and beyond the classroom. With over 55 partnerships with international universities, more than 60 percent of students annually participate in exchange programmes. With a semester or two abroad, there is a broadening exposure to diverse communities and culture. In addition, LUMS students gain from the unparalleled support of the well-established borderless network of 14,000+ alumni across the globe, with 8 local and 18 international chapters.

True to its founding ethos, LUMS rewards merit and seeks to make education accessible to brilliant and deserving students irrespective of financial limitations. With 1 in 3 students availing financial support every year, LUMS has expended PKR 6.8 billion in scholarships and financial awards to date. Through continued patronage of our generous donors and supporters, the University has established the National Outreach Programme (NOP) that provides 100 percent tuition scholarship as well as funding for lodging, boarding and course pack among other expenses. With 1,270 inductees to the programme and over 674 graduates, the NOP has created trailblazers who continue to create real and tangible impact across Pakistan and abroad.

In launch phase and a hallmark testament to its ‘Learning without Borders’ mandate, LUMSx is the latest venture at the University that will function as an online campus for eager learners with exemplary courses at par with international benchmarks. 

The University continues to be an intellectual hub, rich with varying perspectives and transformative ideas. With an environment brimming with inclusion, unity, and boundless knowledge, learning continues in and beyond the campus walls with the aim to develop innovators, leaders and change-makers who can contribute to the community and build strong borderless networks.

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